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Muv Strong Inc. offers 5 Tips for helping you choose an appropriate training facility for YOU. Photo by: Kyle Pomerantz
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Finding the right gym can be hard.  Especially when you’re a stand up paddler looking to cross train when not on the water.  You don’t want to unnecessarily bulk up, but rather find a facility that can improve your movements through mobility training, endurance work, cardio as well as your overall strength.

Think about it.  On land training should include rotational and anti-rotational work, dynamic hip action, thoracic spine extension and strength work.  Also, locating a professional environment that both inspires and pushes you is important.  So, don’t just settle for the closest gym in your neighborhood.  Do a little research. What I’ve found is that when you find the right on-land training facility, you begin to make important connections both on and off the water.

Here are 5 Tips for Choosing the Right Facility for You from Muv Strong, Inc. owner and founder Mike Delalio.

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Finding a place where you love to go and are motivated to work out can be challenging, but if you do your research and interview THEM, we know you’ll find a fitness facility that will cater to your needs and overall well being. Photo by: Kyle Pomerantz

FIVE TIPS for Choosing the Right Training Facility for You… to keep you moving and growing stronger both ON and OFF the water!

Choosing a training facility where you can continue training off the water can be difficult. There are so many options these days and you need to be informed. While it’s true that the endgame at most training facilities is the same — to get you to come back again and again— here are five platforms you can use in assessing a potential training facility that is right for you and makes you want to come back.  We will count down as to draw it out and create drama. Or, you can read from the bottom up… Be a rebel.

Muv Strong choosing a fitness facility turf
Find a place that is clean, where you feel comfortable working out with your shoes on or off. As paddlers, we do most of our water time workouts in bare feet. Why shouldn’t we be able to do that in a gym as well? Photo by: Kyle Pomerantz

5. Cleanliness is critical and a gym should be clean, from the bathrooms to the changing rooms, and the towels to the floor. The dirtiest part of a gym during your workout should be your shirt.

4. A sense of community and support. You want a gym where everyone supports one another, both in and out of the facility.. Clients spend time with each other, they bring their kids to the same school, they chat at the grocery store and are excited to share war stories about their workouts. It’s fun because they are a tribe and everyone is in it together. Aside from a mutual hatred of all things lunge related, the training facility participates in multiple community events. This clogs up your Facebook feed and keeps your weekends busy with running a 5K together or participating in a new fundraiser. These outside community events are a GREAT way to highlight the training facility’s clientele and all of their hard work!

Muv Strong choosing a fitness facility sled slam
There is nothing I love better than the sense of community that develops when you’re in the mix together, sweating hard and challenging ourselves and each other. Find a training center that promotes community, both in the gym and out. You will be more motivated to get there and stick around to be a part of the jam going on. Photo by: Kyle Pomerantz

3. Assessment. Hey, we’re biased but we believe that in order to be REALLY effective, your gym should use the Functional Movement Systems (FMS) and TPI screens. These are short movement screenings which identifies your physical limitations. Most of the better facilities will have them. We also believe in strategic Range Of Movement testing as well as strength testing. Whatever a facility uses, there should be measurable numbers that make you accountable. It shouldn’t matter what assessment tool the trainers use, as long as they use it consistently.

Muv Strong choosing a fitnes facility assault bikes
Assessment and Programming are so important. When researching gyms, check out what form(s) of assessment their trainers use to evaluate YOU and ask about their programming for one-on-one training. You can learn a lot about a facility by talking to the people who work there. Photo by: Kyle Pomerantz

2. Programming. Your coach programs your workouts. For every session, there is a plan in place for YOUR personal goals, not just what the internet trainer has in store for today. As an aside, your coach listens to you, they plan accordingly for your goals, work within your timeline, identify your weaker/stronger movements and refer to specialists when needed for guidance on nutrition, acupuncture or chiropractic care to help you meet those goals. Your trainer works to support and strengthen your entire system.

Muv Strong choosing a fitness facility group class
What’s more fun than Turkish get-ups, medicine ball slams and kettle bell swings? We DON’T KNOW! If you love that sort of thing, than we are in good company with YOU. Stop on by! Photo by: Kyle Pomerantz

1. Lastly, we recommend that you facility should be FUN!! It should be a place you enjoy going to, have positive interactions with the people you meet. You should leave with a smile, exhausted and exhilarated, but smiling, feeling stronger and more awesome than you before you walked through the door!

If THAT doesn’t keep you coming back, we don’t know what will 😉

By: Mike Delalio
Founder/owner Muv Strong, Inc.

About Muv Strong, Inc.

MuvStrong provides a non traditional approach to everyday gym training by incorporating movement, mobility and flexibility training with power speed and strength.

Muv Strong is a 2400 sq. foot PRIVATE and SEMI PRIVATE training facility that offers customized training solutions on an individualized basis as well as Small Group Training Classes of 2-4 people. Our facility offers access to both indoor and outdoor training with 1500 sq feet of grass, 800 sq feet of turf, 1400 sq feet of rubber flooring and a myriad of training equipment including free weights, kettlebells, TRX, Sleds, rowers, assault bikes, med balls, sand bags a functional trainer and battling ropes. Muv Strong provides a non traditional approach to everyday gym training by incorporating movement, mobility and flexibility training with power speed and strength all dispersed between short interval HIIT periods. “First move well, then move often!” – Gray Cook

We offer a wide array of training and fitness services including: Private One v One training, Post Rehab and Prehab conditioning, small group training for adults, kids, athletes and frustrated or retired athletes. Our goal is to provide you with quality coaches and coaching to help optimize all of your recreational and sporting endeavors.


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