Kala Alexander, Phantoms Reef, Oahu

Phantoms Reef, Oahu

Phantoms Reef, Oahu

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Kala Alexander, Phantoms Reef, Oahu “This is on my 9’8″ PSH Ripper from Blane Chambers. I can catch anything on this board. Thanks, Blane.

This is my old one with the thruster set up. I now only ride quads for their speed and turning ability. This photo was taken three days before The Eddie Aikau Memorial. I was half serious, half joking to my friend Nissen about paddling out on a sup to Phantoms. He’s a professional fighter, but not many people have the balls to actually take a sup out there when it’s that big. He didn’t catch any waves, but never the less I was impressed.

Getting caught inside is normal at this spot and sure enough the biggest set of the day started feathering pretty far outside. As we were paddling up the face I noticed that it was backing off so I whipped around and caught it. I planned on going left, but I couldn’t set my rail because of all the chop on the face, so I made a quick decision to go right. If you look closely I’m about to switch my paddle to my right to bottom turn. I made the wave and kicked out in the channel.” –Kala // Photo by LIKA MAIA

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