Unforgettable Sup Expedition on the Breathtaking Maine Island Trail

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At Pau Hana Surf Supply, the guys and gals pride themselves in creating the ultimate touring board.  So, when 2017 rolled in and Pau Hana came up with the 12’0 Endurance Touring board, they decided to put it to the test.  Check out this six-part video series, wherein the gang explores the Maine Island Trail with good times, camp fires and beer runs, all while using the Endurance as the primary means of transport.  Enjoy!

Pau Hana’s Boarding Pass:  New England, a video series in 60 seconds of stoke, every time

Maine Island Trail:  America’s first waterway designed for recreational paddlers

The Pau Hana team traveled to  Maine for a camp-fishing- paddle trip to take the Endurance Touring board on its maiden voyage. The Maine Island Trail was chosen as it was America’s first water trail system.  There are over 200 miles of islands and mainland sites along this coast of Maine, from Kittery to Cobscook Bay that are open for day use and/or overnight camping.  The Trail extends a full 375 miles from the New Hampshire border to Canada.  This exquisite run of water consists of a stunningly beautiful archipelago of tiny granite islands covered with pine trees that are perfect to explore by paddle board.

“There’s something about the restorative quality of the water that clears your mind.”

Team Pau Hana launched this stand up paddle excursion from the Old Quarry campground in Deer Isle, Maine.  The trip was made over the course of a 3-day weekend and they wanted it to be an easy and accessible paddling adventure to showcase the glory that Maine has to offer.  Among the team were two of  Pau Hana’s white water sup athletes, Christian Edie and Kevin Cullen.  They were joined by Austin King and Ed Miller as well.

Part I:  Base Camp Maine Island Trail

In this segment, the team loads up the Endurance with coolers, fishing and camping gear that they will need for three days of paddling on the water.  Incredibly, the 12’0 Endurance board holds all that weight, plus rider, to make for easy paddling throughout their adventure.  The guys are stoked that the board maintains its buoyancy and ability to track loaded down with all the gear.  Check out the amount of gear they have on board to explore some of the best paddling in the world.

Part II  – Green Isle Quarry to Steve’s Island

The team paddles to Green Isle and hikes to the legendary emerald green quarry for a much needed swim and exploration of the island.  Throwing each other off the rock ledge creates laughter and fun for the days ahead.  After a serious dunk fest, they paddle to on Steve’s Island, a whimsical half acre of granite and palm trees where they decide to make camp and explore the territory further.

Part III – Mussel Beach

Steve’s Island proves to be an excellent mini-adventure with a gathering of freshly caught mussels that are quickly steamed with white wine and garlic making for a perfect sunset meal.  This small island on the Maine Water Trail is one of the most precious stops on the journey.

“Woke up to this beautiful island.  The tide was rolling out.  We discovered a TON of mussels!”

Part IV – Beer Run:  Isle Au Haut

Sometimes, having a destination in mind is a good motivator.  The next day, the crew decided that Isle Au Haut needed to be visited in order to stock up on fresh beer.  Unfortunately, a head wind and strong current made this trek more challenging than anticipated 😉

“We’re aiming for Isle Au Haut.  There’s supposed to be a store over there with cold beer and that’s like a mission right now.”

Part V – Building a Stone Pizza Oven

Using a mantle rock and clearing a space underneath, a ready-made pizza oven is created!  By building a fire within the confined space and utilizing the heat from the surrounding rocks, the Pau Hana team make their own pizza in the wilds of Maine.  Bet that tastes good!

Part VI – Journey Back to Base Camp

As the team heads back from Steve’s Island, they hit some of the hardest paddling conditions they’d seen yet with 15-20mph head winds pushing them backwards.  And still, the attitude was jubilant and the perspectives reached were heartening as Pau Hana reports,

“The strongest feeling was the sense of freedom I got from being out in nature… to enjoy the simple pleasures of camping in the woods and paddling with friends.  I’m already looking forward to the next adventure.”

We are TOO, Pau Hana!  And we appreciate how that 12’0 Endurance Touring Board supported your entire adventure, from mussels to pizza and more!

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