Final edit: Red Paddle Co. proves the durability of inflatable line through hard core videos

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The final cut.  Here it is.  Red Paddle Co. has released ten videos, each portraying the strength and durability of this inflatable line of stand up paddleboards.  If you DON’T believe in inflatable durability (or Santa Clause for that matter, you grinch!) check out this final edit showing the highlights of each test … and the results.  You’ll be a believer in NO time!

Red Paddle Co. creates video series to show just how durable their stand up paddle inflatables really are!

The world’s leading inflatable brand has been putting their most popular stand up paddleboard, the 10’6 Ride, through its paces to prove just how tough they are. 

Over these past two weeks, Red Paddle Co. has been running a series of extreme tests on its 10’6 Ride paddleboard to see how much of a beating the board could withstand.  Ten different challenges were created for the board (this poor board!) and Red Paddle Co. has been posting videos every two days detailing the results of their findings.

The board has been launched off of a 16 meter high cherry picker, fired at by paint balls moving at 180mph, and driven over by a 3-ton Land Rover, a 9-ton tractor and, in its final test, a 22-ton excavator

Red Paddle Co. expressed confidence that the 10’6 Ride, or ANY board in their inflatable line up, could withstand the pressure.  So, they decided to create a video series that would, once and for all, put any concerns about inflatable durability to rest.  I think that’s a wrap.

The board made it through all ten challenges and is still fit to paddle,” says Charlie Green, Head of Marketing at Red Paddle Co. “Everything we say about our products is true – the are innovative, durable boards that withstand a bit of rough and tumble without getting destroyed.”

A bit of rough and tumble?!  Check out the video above and see for yourself just how extreme the Red Paddle Co. inflatable line is when it comes to durability.  The proof is in the pudding!