Wild Coast: dreaming of Tofino’s magic surf and the tribe who gets to live there

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Every surfer knows the feeling.  It’s more than just about the waves, although that’s a large part of it.  Surfing’s also about the environment, the iconoclastic beauty we get to experience out there on the water.  It’s about the intimacy with nature and the immediacy of it.  We fall in love over & over again with the wind, the waves, the shoreline, the texture and quality of the water.  We become a part of that natural environment.  That’s what makes our experience so special … merging into the great unknown and learning to ride it’s energy.

In this new video, “Wild Coast” by Lee Visual, Tofino sup surfers celebrate the experience of living and surfing in Tofino, British Columbia.  It’s quite a journey….

Wild Coast:  Tofino’s radiant nature and cold water surf

“There’s something here that makes you slow down and really appreciate where you are and I think that only adds to the whole journey of surfing”

Kelsey Thompson and local sup surfers Emre Bosut and Glen Pearson  spent six days filming in Tofino, BC this past January.  Their goal for the film was to showcase sup surfing and the beautiful natural environment surrounding the many beach breaks on Vancouver Island, a gorgeous slice of nature in the Pacific Northwest region of North America.

“Its not that its so different from the rest of Vancouver Island, but its that people have made a concerted effort to keep this area in it’s natural form.”

Tofino is habitually known for it’s mild temps and extremely wet weather.  When the group gathered to paddle surf, however, the temperatures plummeted and they were graced with little or no rain.  It was well below freezing most mornings which made for some chilly shoots.  It would have been easy to focus on the fact that the weather was cold which makes life as a surfer a bit more challenging, but with today’s gear, its not really true.  When you’re in an environment as spectacular as Tofino, cold weather takes a back seat to the images one gets to witness out there.  You gear up and go.

“I always appreciate how lucky I am when I’m out there and, no matter where you’re from, it’s almost hard NOT to appreciate the beauty of this place.”

Local sup surfers Emre and Glen are among the small tribe of paddle surfers in Tofino and they work at an outfitter in the area called T’ashii Paddle School which is owned by Emre and his girlfriend Tsimka.   The film was supported by Blackfish Paddles, a British Columbia based company that solely makes sup paddles.  Together, this group created the elegant dream of “Wild Coast”.  This is an adventure you don’t want to miss.