Layover Dreams: Caio Vaz lights up the slopes in video, “No Summer”

Ciao Vaz No Summer snowboard video
Brazilian sup surf champion Caio Vaz hits the slopes on Bear Mountain in 'No Summer' a snowboarding video on Bear Mountain. Filmed and edited by: Anna Verônica
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Brazilian sup surf champion Caio Vaz heads for the slopes during a recent stop over near Bear Mountain, CA. From sup to surf to snowboarding, Caio’s enthusiasm and performance style light up any screen to remind us that EVERY moment is a moment to ENJOY the ride, EXPLORE the territory and LIVE the dream. Mahalo Caio!

Caio Vaz:  No Summer means Time on the Slopes!

Electric in his sup surfing style and charging as a big wave surfing dynamo, Caio Vaz knows how to take ANY sport to the extreme.  His progressive style and infectious smile are enough to get anyone to grab their board and head straight out into the water.  His performance energy is enthusiasm personified.

In this recent video, “No Summer”, filmed and edited by Anna Verônica, Caio and friends hit the slopes on Bear Mountain, CA in order to enjoy a stopover on their way back home from Hawaii to Brazil.  Also featuring several other Brazilian watermen and women, No Summer highlights excessively fun footage from Michelle Schlanger, Thomas Metsavaht and Caio’s brother, Ian Vaz.  It’s easy to see how rolling with these troops can make you LATE for your next flight 😉

Sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy the ride!