24-Hour Paddle for Cancer runs TODAY through Sunday across the nation

Monster & Sea Paddle A-Team Paddleboarding Manhattan
Paddling for hope. The 24-hour Monster & Sea Paddle runs today through Easter morning.
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We paddle because we CAN.  Troy Nebeker knew that. Two years ago, due to circumstances in his own life, Troy began a local fundraiser: a 24-Hour Paddle to help local folks struggling with cancer in his hometown. This original group of six stand up paddlers, dubbed “Monster and Sea” in Seattle, paddled for 24 hours straight to raise funds for families dealing with the chaos of cancer.

Andrew Dima Jules Gismondi JM Kostalis 24 hour paddle Manhattan
Long Island Strong! A team of six paddlers on Long Island (and across the nation) are paddling today to raise awareness and funds for people whose lives are touched by cancer. Find out how YOU can participate and DONATE to the cause! Photo by: Andrew Dima / A-Team Paddleboarding, Rockaway NY

A Paddle with Heart:  You have the next 24 Hours to Show your Support

Those original paddlers of “Monster and Sea” set a modest goal of $5,000 for themselves. However, thanks to the kindness and generosity within their community, they blew passed their goal and raised over $7,000 that first year. That money was given in seven envelopes stuffed with cash to seven different families along with a small breath of fresh air.

Since it’s inception, the 24-Hour Paddle has grown.  Now, teams across the nation are banding together today to stand up paddle on different bodies of water to raise money for people in their local communities.  The efforts are internal, heartfelt and very, very real.  Paddling all day and through the night (especially in April when your taxes are due on Monday) is no small feat.  But, the teams do it because they are committed or because they know someone who is struggling with cancer in their lives.

Statistics say 1 in 3 people will arm wrestle with cancer. But what about the other 2 people? The power of the 24-Hour Paddle is in the filling of that void with love, compassion and the ability to GO paddle (or surf, or play tennis, or get outside, etc.) when our friends or loved ones can’t. That is what the 24 is all about.  The paddler’s motto is, “Go because you CAN.”

YOU can help the Clif Team paddling on the Hudson River today in New York City.  Led by Captain Andrew Dima of A-Team Paddleboarding in Rockaway, the team has launched from Pier 84 in Manhattan and will take turns on the water until 7:30AM on Easter Sunday.  If you’re in the hood, go down and cheer them on.  They are a power squadron that includes JM Kostallas of Kostal Paddle, sup racer/surfer Jack Egan and Distressed Mullet’s NY correspondent Julieta Gismondi (who once paddled with her partner LouAnn from Maimi to New York for an adventure).  This is a team with heart.  I’m sure there is a lot of laughter going on down there at Pier 84 and sharing of real stories, of hope … and paddling.

Show your Support:  Donate HERE

The fundraising page for Clif Team is HERE.  We hope you can make some small donation to show your support and understanding of this disease that impacts us all.

Mahalo nui loa to YOU, dear reader.  We are IN this TOGETHER.

Evelyn O’Doherty
Online Editor
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