Connor Baxter – Can the Double Whammy upset the Standings in the Ultimate Waterman competition?

Connor Baxter Starboard Ultimate Waterman race banner
Starboard's Connor Baxter looks to upset the standings in the Ultimate Waterman competition by using his double whammy points to ride up the leader board in the sup endurance race coming up next!
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As we head into the final three of six grueling disciplines in the Ultimate Waterman competition in New Zealand, Connor Baxter of Hawaii is eyeing up the scoreboard and looking to make his move.

Connor Baxter Starboard Ultimate Waterman surf
Connor Baxter eyes his opportunity to upset the leader board as the Ultimate Waterman competition takes on the 16km endurance sup race next.

Could Connor Baxter be this year’s Ultimate Waterman?

With just three of the six disciplines remaining in this year’s Ultimate Waterman competition, Connor Baxter is currently sitting in sixth place, 1740 points behind leader Caio Vaz from Brazil. But don’t count him out. Baxter is the clear favorite to win the 16km stand up paddle endurance race from Colac Bay to Riverton in Southland, New Zealand.

Double Whammy Points:  A Way to Leap Frog to the Top of Leaderboard

The endurance paddle represents Connor’s chance to win his “double whammy” points in this year’s competition. By winning his chosen discipline – the sup endurance battle – Baxter could take an additional 2000 points and leap frog his way to the top of the leader board.

“For the last two years my double whammy has always been the very last event,” says Baxter.

“So I always start near the very bottom and try to get the double points, upset some people and move up the leader board towards the end.”

If Baxter manages to pull off the win, he will be only the second Waterman to take the maximum points in this year’s competition.  Jack Maynard from Australia so far is the only athlete to have won his double whammy discipline; however, Californian Chuck Glynn poses the largest threat to Baxter as he too is using his double whammy points in the stand up paddle endurance race up next.

Top of the Standings

Brazilian Caio Vaz is currently holding the lead in this year’s Ultimate Waterman, fending off last year’s champion Zane Schweitzer of Hawaii.  The two are closely followed by Daniel Kereopoa of New Zeland and Jack Maynard from Australia rounding out the Top Four.

What is the Ultimate Waterman?

The Ultimate Waterman is a  ‘by invitation only’ event which selects eight of the world’s top athletes in the field of watersports.  The competition is a true test of athlete’s skill across six different water disciplines within eight days: shortboard surfing, longboard surfing, stand-up paddleboard endurance, sup surfing, waka-ama endurance and tow-in surfing.

Stay tuned for more of the adventure here at Standup Journal online!

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