Sweet Shot! Donica’s got a Style all her OWN

Donica Shouse is a Starboard Dream Team rider from the Big Island in Hawaii
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Check out Donica Shouse, a SUP-erette frequently featured on the print side of our equation, dropping in on her 8’6 Starboard Nut on The Rock on the Big Island.

Donica Shouse Starboard Nut Paddle Hawaii
Donica finding her turns and burns on a beauty from the Big Island. Photo by: Abraham Shouse

Sometimes you FEEL like a Nut:  Starboard Nut 8’6

 “I love the cruisie long board feel of the nut shapes. I’m constantly amazed at how easy Starboards ride.”   – Donica Shouse

Donica Shouse of Paddle Hawaii rips.  We’ve known that for years.  What we love about this picture is the way she’s set that 8’6 Starboard Nut up on it’s rail to create that carve, her back foot weighted, knee bent to get maximum leverage off the tail.  Plus, Donica’s got a sense of style makes this a pic and wave to remember.  Yup, she’s a waterwoman and a handy one at that.

Donica is currently on Maui with the rest of the Starboard Dream Team for their first 2017 photoshoot.  Who wouldn’t want to play with that gang?

We salute you, Donica!  Thanks for making us gals stand OUT too 😉