WND&WVS podcast with Zane Schweitzer on the STOKE of stand up foiling!

Zane Schweitzer Starbaord Go Foil
Starboard team rider Zane Schweitzer talks about the mechanics of stand up foilboarding and it's best uses in the water.
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Starboard team rider, SUP Kids ambassador and 2016’s Ultimate Waterman Zane Schweitzer talks with Russ Scully of WND&WVS surf shop in Burlington VT about Zane’s incredible 2016 season and his deep knowledge on the subject of stand up foiling.

Russ Scully of WND&WVS got to spend some time with Zane last September at the Starboard World Dealer’s conference in San Diego and witnessed those magical rides between Zane and Connor Baxter riding their foil boards behind windsurfers, party boats, and electric bikes in Mission Bay during that event.  It was an explosion of innovation between two lifelong friends and watermen out there having a good time on the water.

“Nature is so much a part of our lives that its the only way for us to ground ourselves.  The only way for us to connect and realign ourselves for the chaos of the day… The ocean’s always there for your refuge and for peace of mind to ground yourself.”
– Zane Schweitzer

Later that week during the World Dealer’s conference, Zane and his bother Matty, held some of the first stand up paddle foiling clinics ever done on a brand new low speed foil designed by Alex Aguerra of Go Foil.

“After watching Zane patiently coach each person up onto the foil then masterfully demonstrating how a pro-level rider does it, I knew this was the guy to tell us where we are and where we’re headed in the crazy new world of foiling.”
– Russ Scully, WNDNWVS

Zane and Russ talk about his year, Zane’s passion for and the mechanics of stand up foiling.  Zane discusses safety measures surrounding starting to foil and surf zone safety and shares his absolute stoke for this new vehicle for expression on the water.  His humility and depth of connection to his Maui roots make this talk an inspiration on so many levels.

Aloha Zane!  Looking forward to more good things ahead.