Progression Project Podcast with Standup Journal Online Editor – Evelyn O’Doherty

Progression Project podcast Evelyn O'Doherty
The Progression Project podcast featured Standup Journal online editor Evelyn O'Doherty
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Join Progression Project’s innovator and creator as he spends time in conversation with Standup Journal’s online editor Evelyn O’Doherty. This new podcast by the Progression Project journeys through Evelyn’s rich history in paddling, her thoughts on paddle surfing, coaching and giving back.

Show Note from Erik:Hey guys and gals, on the podcast, I mentioned that Evelyn O’doherty has taken over for Adam Champagne. Evelyn is actually an addition to the team as Standup Journal is growing the online side of things and is helping Adam as an Online Editor and Contributor. Adam is still with the company as the Digital Director

Conversations with the Progression Project on Podcast

It was an honor to have this chance to talk with Progression Project’s Erik Antonsen.  I’ve been a fan of the Progression Project and Erik’s work ever since the first time my eyes caught hold of the trailer for the film.  Right there, I knew, the creator was a stoke-master and someone I would love to meet.

When Erik called me up and asked if I would participate in the Progression Project’s next podcast (he had me slated after champion chess player, sup surfer and mental models guru Josh Waitzkin… really), I might have looked over my shoulder to see who he meant to ask behind me.

Erik is a deep thinker, passionate waterman and, from the sounds of it, a world class coach.  I relished every moment of our hour long conversation and, surprisingly, had a lot to say!

It’s great that Erik believes in highlighting different aspects of the sport of sup surfing.  I enjoyed hearing his thoughts, sharing a bit of my own water history and connecting with him on how much we both love to GIVE BACK to this sport that has given us so much.

Thanks, Erik.  I look forward to the next discussion, the next podcast from Progression Project and getting down there to Costa Rica to spend some time in the water.  This sport attracts good people and supports those people doing good things.  Erik Antonsen is certainly one of them.

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Evelyn O'Doherty, editor & publisher of the new Standup Journal 2.0 is a former school teacher gone rogue. She left her career as a teacher in order to spend more time near or on the water after learning to surf turned her life around (upsidedown?). She is a year-round surfer and paddler living on the eastern tip of Long Island in NY who is a certified SUP instructor, seasoned SUP racer and avid longboard surfer. Evelyn was hired as Online Editor to Standup Journal in 2016. Her passion for the project quickly led to her success and eventually taking over the mag herself in Oct. 2018. Today, as editor, publisher and chief bottle washer at Standup Journal, Evelyn keeps her toes wet writing, traveling, paddling, surfing, and learning to foil. You can find her most days paddling out on Gardiner's Bay or surfing Ditch Plains in Montauk, NY.