Mo Freitas and Terrene Black come out on top winning Maui Pro AM!

Maliko Gullch Maui Pro Am APP World Tour
Maliko Gullch Maui Pro Am APP World Tour
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The Maui Pro AM, the first sup racing event on the 2017 APP World Tour, brought with it stellar conditions, top level athleticism and sportsmanship. In the end, Maui’s native son Mo Freitas and Australia’s powerhouse Terrene Black took home overall championship titles for this stop on the APP World Tour.

Men Maliko Gulch Maui Pro AM
The men leave the start line in the Maliko Gulch to begin the 8-mi Downwinder distance race in the Maui Pro AM.

Day One held the Sprint Races where Denmark’s Viking Casper Steinfath and Terrene Black came out on top.  The excitement of Day One came in the form of the youngest competitor on the docket, 15-year-old Annie Reickert, who slipped through the sets in the surf in the third round for the women to win the finals event.  Her event performance was consistent and bold but, unbelievably, her points cost her the overall win in the sprints which went to Terrene after a day of stellar competition among the women.

Maliko Run Terrene Black Fiona Wylde
Riding bumps is a prerequisite for the infamous Maliko Run where nuanced reading of the water, swell experience and glide control take competitors to Kanaha Beach Park at the finish.

In the Distance races, held on Day Two, racers took on the infamous Downwind Run, an eight mile course, from Maliko Gulch to the finish at Kanaha Beach Park. In early afternoon on Sunday, racers lined up at the start on the Maliko Gulch for the start of the distance race.  The Maliko Run is widely known as the best downwind run on earth with the Maui trade winds supplying world-class conditions for bump riding.

Michael Booth Starboard
Starboard’s Michael Booth quickly set himself up as the leader of the pack in the Maui Distance Race and kept his dominance strong throughout the infamous Maliko Run.

The stand out performance of the day came from Starboard team rider Aussie Michael Booth (Starboard) who’s athleticism hurled him out in front of the pack from the start.  Booth took an inside line and hugged the coast while he worked the bumps on this legendary glide. .

Meanwhile, 2016 World Champion and local Maui legend Connor Baxter (Starboard) established himself in second during the downwind run with another Mo Freitas (Focus SUP Hawaii) finishing third.  In the overall standings for the weekend, Freitas finished second in the sprints and third in the distance race, while Baxter finished third in the sprints and second in the distance race.  Therefore, the tie-breaker for overall winner came from a higher weighting of points in the sprints race, placing Mo Freitas as the triumphant winner and Connor Baxter placing second overall.

Casper Steinfath Naish
Casper Steinfath’s performance this weekend lead us to believe this Naish competitor has a lot in store for 2017!

Not one to be left behind, King of the Sprints and Denmark’s favorite Casper Steinfath (Naish) placed third overall on top of the men’s podium due to his first place finish in the sprints and seventh place finish in the distance race.

Sonni Honscheid Starboard
No stranger to bumps and reading the glide, Sonni Honscheid quickly gained the upper hand on the Maliko Run and stayed there for the length of the course.

In the women’s distance race, Sonni Honscheid (Starboard) used her mettle and M2O bump riding skills to put herself out in front for the Malaiko Run where she held that lead for the entire race.  Hard on her heels and the gal to watch in 2017 came Fiona Wylde (Starboard) who is looking like she has her sights set on a World Title (or two) this year.  Fiona, sporting her yellow jersey from her win in the Sprint races the day before, put on an impressive performance and came in second behind Honscheid.

Yesterday’s Sprint Race star, Terrene Black came across the finish line at third for the distance race but captured the overall title win for the Maui Pro AM for her performance over the weekend. Alongside her on the event podium was Fiona Wylde finishing 2nd overall and Sonni Honscheid who placed 3rd.

Connor Baxter APP World Tour Maui Pro AM
Stay tuned for MORE action from standup paddling’s TOP athletes as the APP World Tour continues

Congrats and looking forward to a great season ahead with these men and women who are clearly strong, well trained and eager as we look forward in the APP World Tour to the next stop.

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