Red Paddle Co.’s Dragon World Series in Barbados!

Red Paddle Co Dragon World Series banner
Red Paddle Co announces their Dragon World Series and Championship in Barbados
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What’s more fun than a barrel of monkeys? How about TEAM paddlesports? How about a 22-foot board with 4 paddlers racing it against other teams for the championship? That’s what Red Paddle Co. has developed their Dragon World Series in Barbados for 2017. Red Dragon teams will line up at the start and compete with other contestants in this first ever team paddlesports competition for cash and prizes!

Red Paddle Co World Series Barbados
The Red Paddle Co Dragon World Series Team Racing World Championships will be held in Barbados for 2017!  Get your game ON!

Red Paddle Co:  Get on board with 4-person team racing

Red Paddle Co., the world’s most popular standup paddle inflatable brand, has announced an entirely new concept in standup paddle competition, featuring 4-person team racing.  Let me quantify that.  That’s a 4-person team standing on ONE sup at the same time and racing other teams doing same.  Now, that’s a competition!

Red Paddle Dragon World Series teams
Team racing means staying afloat AND in sync in order to propel the board forward at speed. A whole new realm of team spirit!

Unleash the Dragon!

Using Red Paddle Co.’s newly designed twenty-two foot Dragon Race Board, Dragon teams will compete in dozens of events across the globe.  The final culmination of which will be the Dragon World Series to be held in Carlisle Bay, Barbados on October 28-30th, 2017.

Red Paddle Dragon World Series ariel1080
The Red Dragon board is 22-feet long and 33 inches wide. Plenty of room for four paddlers 😉

Red Dragon inflatable Sups by Red Paddle Co.

The teams will each race on this twenty-two foot long, 34-inch wide inflatable paddleboard designed by Red Paddle Co. who’s unique MSL technology makes each board incredibly rigid, lightweight and easy to transport.  These Red Dragon boards will be available for teams and people to demo at each of the World Series’ regional events.  Every team that competes in a regional event will automatically qualify to participate in the World Championships in Barbados next October.

Red Paddle Co Dragon World Series board1080
Ready to charge YOUR team into the Red Paddle Dragon World Series? Barbados awaits!

Regional Events qualify your team for the World Championships!

Red Paddle Co recently added three more regional events to their Red Dragon roster.  The first US Dragon event will be held on April 19th in Wrightsville Beach as a prelude to the infamous sup race, The Carolina Cup.  The tour will then move to Key West, FL on April 29th and then continue on to Cincinnati OH on August 4th.

To learn more about the Red Paddle Co Dragon World Series or how to register a team at the nearest qualifying event, click HERE.

Red Paddle Dragon World Series team
The future of sup racing is here! Join the Red Dragon team in your area to get ‘on board’!

About Red Paddle Co:

Red Paddle Co operates on two, basic brand philosophies: riding an inflatable paddleboard shouldn’t be a compromise and each paddleboard board should deliver an authentic experience. Founded in 2008, with a background in pro watersports competition, Red Paddle Co makes products that even the experts love. You can take your Red Paddle Co board anywhere, which means that you’re free to…EXPLORE YOUR WORLD.

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