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Whitewater and adventure paddler Mike Tavares stops at Shoshone Falls en route to Hood River.  His off-the-cuff remarks about stopping along the interstate to take in this tourist sight and then getting in the frame to paddle with Gina and Shredder to the base of the Falls reminds us all to not just stop and look, but to take a chance and go seek adventure!


Mike Tavares
Mike Tavares, Gina Peters and sidekick co-paddler ‘Shredder’ arrive at the base of Shoshone Falls, Idaho for a moment of unrelenting beauty for themselves. Epic Selfie by: Mike Tavares

Stop and LOOK:  Hidden Gems along the Interstate

We were driving from Salt Lake City to Hood River, Oregon and decided to make a quick pit stop off the interstate to check out the 212ft Shoshone Falls in Idaho from the top tourist overlook.  With one glance, we decided that we should paddle to the base for a better look!

“The extra effort always pays off!”

We spent the night in the Walmart Parking lot and paddled up Snake River four miles at first light to get to the waterfall. It’s and easy upstream paddle at low water with one big portage over a large rapid/rock shelf.

The four mile upstream paddle keeps almost everyone except the highly motivated paddler from reaching the base of the falls.  As a result, we had the waterfall pool completely to ourselves for hours before floating back down to the takeout.

“Sometimes the least expected trips and paddles are the best.”

Mike says, “For me this trip was special simply because we turned a tourist waterfall interstate pit stop into a paddling adventure. Both Gina and I looked at each other from the top and said…”we have to paddle to the pool at the bottom” and we did!  Sometimes the least expected trips and paddles are the best.”  Ain’t that the truth, Mike!

Stay in touch with Mike Tavares and his on-the-water adventures through his website at www.rivershred.com and see where the next travel adventure can take YOU.

Shred on!




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