SWEET SHOT! Zane Schweitzer finds lift in the shallows on his 6’9 Hypernut Go-Foil

Zane Schweitzer Starboard Go Foil banner
Zane Schweitzer Starboard Go Foil banner
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The Ultimate Waterman, Zane Schweitzer, is true to his title in this pic as he heroically  finds lift in his Go-Foil in the shallows at Lahaina, at Toilet Bowls / Guard Rails!

Zane Schweitzer Starboard Go-Foil
Only the Ultimate Waterman can manage a lift on a sup foil without a wave behind it! Check out Zane’s ability to fly under his own power. Photo by: Abraham Shouse

“We have such a good flow out there together.  Lol, so many close calls but that is what makes the shot!”  – Abraham Shouse, Paddle Hawaii

Sup Surfing the Foil in the Shallows?

Zane and Abraham decided to take the Go-Foil for a run down past Launiupoko Peak at Lahaina at a spot called Toilet Bowls to get some photos.

The shot, although Zane makes it look easy, Abraham reports was a challenge due to the spot being SUPER shallow, definitely not ideal conditions for a Go-Foil.  Incredibly, Zane is riding the 2017 Starboard 6’9 Hypernut with only 69 liters in volume.

This is a feat truly for the sport’s Ultimate Waterman!

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