PADDLE SOCIETY: An online training platform dedicated to you, paddlers!

Paddle Society Chase Kosterlitz banner
Paddle Society, an online training forum brings paddlers of all ages and levels together to learn and progress.
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Standup Journal friend and contributor Chase Kosterlitz is stoked to announce the launch of his newest venture:  Paddle Society.

Paddle Society:  an online training platform dedicated to YOU, paddlers!

Paddle Society is an online training and community platform dedicated to helping paddlers of all abilities achieve their dreams and goals.  Paddle Society provides free and paid memberships offering customized training programs, comprehensive tutorial videos and e-courses, a community forum and more.  All members are supported by Chase Kosterlitz’s professional coaching support and other Paddle Society team coaches for outrigger paddling and strength and conditioning.  This interactive member training platform is built upon a proven customized framework designed to help all paddlers progress towards their personal goals.

Beyond training, the Paddle Society also represents a global community of like-minded individuals drawn together through their passion for paddling. Paddle Society believes any day on the water is a good day and encourages users to spend their time on the water wisely by bringing with them their customized program to provide maximum results.

Paddle Society Chase Kosterlitz draft train
Subjects like interval training and customized programming to implement the right training program are all a part of Paddle Society’s membership.

Launching on March 28th, 2017, Paddle Society is currently asking members to sign up on their website and stay in touch with upcoming news on their Facebook Paddle Society page.

Sign up, Get ready and Prepare to Paddle Together using Paddle Society as your resource to improve performance and become a more proficient paddler!