The Ultimate Guide to Standup Paddling by Dan Gavere

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Dan Gavere knows paddling.  White water paddler, racer and all around technician, Dan has been involved with the sport from every angle from design to distribution.  So, when a guy like Dan says he’s releasing a DVD called, “The Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling”, we sit up and take notice.  Check it out.

The Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling:  Dan Gavere

Learn the skills to become a more confident and efficient paddler!  Learn from instructor, white water paddler and Starboard team rider Dan Gavere the tips you’ll need to become a proficient, effective standup paddler.  Dan’s DVD will highlight the skills of learning about basic equipment choices, developing good technique through a look at the essential strokes you’ll need as well as tips on the basics of white water paddling, racing and catching your first wave.

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Surf, race, white water and basics, The Ultimate Guide to Stand Up Paddling has everything!

This comprehensive DVD, filmed in Hawaii and Oregon by award-winning cinematographer Chris Emerick, offers step-by-step instruction for both the beginner testing out your first strokes and the experienced paddler looking to improve your skills.  Simply put, Dan (and Chris) claim this video to be the best how-to video on standup paddling ever released.

A great gift for a loved one or to add to the collection.  You can purchase “The Ultimate Guide to Standup Paddling” on Dan’s website at: