SWEET SHOT! Jeff Clark drops in through a wall of wetsuits at Mav’s

Jeff Clark Mavericks Ian Boyd banner
Jeff Clark threads the needle at Mavericks during our most recent swell. Pic by Ian Boyd
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Last weekend’s swell that hit the west coast and lit up Maverick’s kept us awash in photos.  This pic from Ian Boyd, captures the legendary Jeff Clark threading the needle as he drops in through a crowd of surfers in a spot he once called his own.

Jeff Clark Mavericks January swell
The king drops in at Maverick’s during the recent swell this past Saturday. Photo by: Ian Boyd

“…that is the most crowded that I have ever surfed it.”
– Jeff Clark

It was an exciting day for a lot of folks, even surf photographer Ian Boyd of Reel Fresh, Inc who’d never had a chance to shoot Mav’s going off before.  Last Saturday’s swell hitting the west coast had both size and power.  It mobilized surfers, boat captains, photographers and onlookers to head for the once-little-known-spot that could hold a wave of that force – Maverick’s.  Here’s what Ian had to say about the pix he shot that day.

“So last friday I had the chance to see Mavs break up-close and personal from the deck of Captain Chris Chang’s boat.  A little backstory: I only captured Mr. Clark catching a couple waves before the wind came up and we bailed.

Apparently, he broke a board in half (I saw the fiberglass carnage in the parking lot on the way to the boat) earlier in the morning and then paddled back out on a new one.

He was the only one in the lineup on a sup in a sea of lay down surfers.  It was a pretty awesome day.”    -Ian Boyd

Maverick’s local legend, surfer/paddler Jeff Clark was out on a standup that day in a spot he once owned by himself.  This last swell, so well forecasted and predicted, came with a lot of notice and therefore a LOT of people.  For a guy who used to surf the place by himself for the better part of a decade, Clark has seen the crowds come in … and then take over.  This pic says it all.

Here’s Jeff Clark’s comments on the day:

I usually pick and choose the days that I paddle Mavericks but I just headed out there because it was so good. But I have to say that is the most crowded that I have ever surfed it.

The most crowded he’s EVER surfed it?!  Coming from the king, that’s QUITE a comment.