Surf Expo January 2017 – Day #1 Highlights

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Standup Journal team has their team on the ground with hands extended to welcome, interview, get stoked on and participate in the 2017 Surf Expo in Orlando FL today.  Here’s a quick recap of the highlights from Day #1 at the largest surf and sup trade show on the East Coast!

Jimmy Terrell Motionize Smart Paddle Surf Expo 2017
Want to get stoked on your stroke? Check out the new Smart Paddle in Booth #420 featuring Jimmy Terrell and the tech innovators at Motionize to bring you to a whole new level of paddling!

1.)  A NEW frontier in paddling!  QuickBlades designer Jim Terrell and Motionize have partnered to create the world’s first ‘Smart Paddle’.  This is, without a doubt, one of the highlights of the January Surf Expo show. This water tracking and paddle analysis device fits into the shaft of a QuickBlade paddle and gives you instant feedback on stroke rate, speed, distance per stroke, and paddle angle on the catch.  The device can show you via bar graph the confluence of two or more of these factors so a paddler can see for his/herself how their stroke rate affects their speed and/or distance per glide.  Also, counting how many times you paddle on the right side versus the left and to give you feedback necessary for more straight, effective lines while paddling on the water.

The Motionize paddle analysis device can also be purchased separately and clipped onto a paddle of your choice.  It uses a Blue Tooth connection to your cell phone to give instant analysis of your movements and it has an audio component to ‘coach’ you verbally on your cadence and speed while you’re training on the water.   This combination of partnership and innovation make THIS piece of technology the dynamic tool we’ve been looking for to increase efficiency out on the water!for every stroke!


Clay Feeter Standup Journal Jim Terrell QuickBlade Paddles
Standup Journal publisher Clay Feeter and Jim Terrell meet – for the first time EVER – at this year’s 2017 Surf Expo!

2.)  Eco-fins make a statement about the environment!  Future Fins is making a strong statement about environmental awareness through the release of their new Keel fin, a fin comprised of 30% reclaimed wood product and recycled plastics.  The Keel is a testament to the surf and standup industry’s new direction on becoming more eco-conscious with this carefully designed fin made out of leftover wood shavings from local door and window factories, keeping excess from clogging landfills.  The fin’s classic Keel shape remains the same but it’s visual wood ‘finish’ reminds us that THIS fin was made with the environment in mind!  We salute you Future Fins!  Aloha.

future fins keel surf expo 2017
Lightweight and eco-conscious, the new Keel fin keeps debris out of landfills and reminds the surf industry to keep an eye on the environment as we move forward into the next level of innovation.

3.)  Whaleback Paddleboards having a whale of a good time!  Visiting with the good folks at Whaleback Paddleboards was definitely a day highlight.  Rick Raymond and crew were only too eager to walk us through the new 2017 line of boards and equipment.  What stood out is the 12’6 Tartuga  Family Fun & Fish standup paddleboard.  At 12’6 x 34″ x 10.5 this is one stable sup.  The deep concave on the bottom and wide rails coupled with it’s multiple plugs, rod holders and design features built into the framework are for serious on-the-water expeditions or  just plain family fun!  Whaleback is offering a super wholesale special on this baby through Surf Expo at Booth #526.  Stop by and tell Rick I sent ya!


Whaleback Paddleboards Tartuna Fish and Fun Surf Expo 2017
The 12’6 Tartuga fishing expedition board offers multiple features to bring comfort to the most experienced of fishermen.  Stop by the booth to get the SPECIAL pricing on this model only for the Expo!


Whaleback Paddleboards Surf Expo Standup Journal Rick Raymond
The good crew at Whaleback are keeping the stoke HIGH at the Surf Expo!

3.)  Standup Journal is in the HOUSE!  It’s no joke.  We look forward to serving YOU here at Standup Journal to bring you the best knowledge on new equipment, recent design innovations, industry news and so much more.  Got a good story to tell or just want to say hi?  Stop by and see the team:  Publisher Clay Feeter, Marketing and Ad guru Scott ‘Shred’ Stahley and me, your Online Editor, Evelyn O’Doherty at Booth #624 ALL week at the Expo!

Scott Stahley, Clay Feeter, Evelyn O'Doherty Standup Journal Surf Expo 2017
Bro-Fest +1: Standup Journal’s team is giving away copies of their 2017 Winter Travel issue at Booth 624 at the Expo. Stop by and pick up a copy and say ‘hi’. We’d love to see ya!


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