Robert Ricci Designs takes us to Northeast Italy in “Somewhere Tomorrow”

Global Partner

Robert Ricci Designs offers us a sweet glimpse of a standup paddle journey through a land of wonders, Friuli Venezia Giulia nestled in Italy’s northeast region. 

A Journey through Northern Italy to the Adriatic Sea

Somewhere Tomorrow is the story of discovery on Robert Ricci Designs‘ standup paddle boards along the path of water, from the mountains, down the rivers, into the Adriatic Sea.

Witness the beauty of Friuli Venezia Giulia’s waterways in northeastern Italy bordering on Austria, Slovenia and the Adriatic Sea.  Home to the Dolomite Mountains, this region holds dramatic backdrops, crystalline waters and an air of mystique.

Somewhere Tomorrow is a reminder …

Remember to come back to the simple life, where water, companionship and following your passions become paramount.  This life is ours and it’s the only we have got.

So keep moving. Don’t stand still  Be everywhere. Be Somewhere Tomorrow.

Direction and Production: Francesco Leggio
Photography and Filming: Marco De Piccoli
Drone Filming: Massimo Cavalli
Assistant Director: Margherita Ghitta Baldo