Standup for the Cure Saving Lives in 2017!

Join the growing tribe of support for Stand Up for the Cure's national events supporting women in the early detection of breast cancer.
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Standup for the Cure enters it’s 6th year of raising awareness and money for early Breast Cancer detection all the while growing the sport of standup paddling. 

Standup for the Cure Atlanta GA circle
Standup for the Cure is a circle of HOPE for early breast cancer detection and offering mammograms to women who might otherwise go undetected.

This Pink Rashguard Saves Lives!

Standup for the Cure, now in it’s fifth season, benefits the Orange County affiliate of Susan K. Komen, a breast cancer research and treatment non-profit that offers services to uninsured women.  This event, in over 4 years of running, asks each participant to help in the fundraising by offering them their own fundraiser webpage.  To date, the events have raised over $700,000 for early breast cancer detection, research, treatment education and has helped over 300 participants to obtain life-saving screening on site at the events.  Every $125.00 raised can save a life by enabling women in need access to a mammogram and thereby offering early detection of the disease of breast cancer.

Standup for the Cure yoga
SUFTC offers yoga classes and sup clinics associated with every event often hosting renowned athletes like Zane Schweitzer and Izzy Gomez to teach standup paddling.

The Wave of Hope

In 4 years of running, the Standup for the Cure events have gathered a huge tribe of followers. With thousands of participants and the support of major sponsors,   Standup for the Cure is becoming a nationwide phenomenon.

See event dates for 2017 listed below!

Standup for the Cure Rivera Zane Schweitzer doves
Zane Schweitzer is a regular at SUFTC events as his mother, Shawnee is a co-founder of the tour.

Standup for the Cure Event Dates for 2017

May 6, 2017:  Standup for the Cure, Newport Beach CA
This flagship event is celebrating it’s 6th season of saving lives.  This year, event organizers are adding a new twist – a headline concert in addition to the celebration on the beach.  Keep checking the event website for more detail.

July 8, 2017:  Standup for the Cure, Muskegon MI
This is the third year of hosting the event at Muskegon which has become a Cure favorite due to the passionate community of west Michigan.  They are looking for new partners to bring into the event.  If you know of someone who may be interested, contact National Event Director Dan Van Dyke ( for more info.

August 26, 2017:  Standup for the Cure, Sammamish Lake, Seattle WA
This is SUFTC’s newest event and it is ripe for growth opportunities.  Event directors are already forming strong relationships with passionate SUFTC supporters and new potential paddlers.  Everybody is excited about the new possibilities this event brings to the overall structure of Stand Up for the Cure’s nationwide tour.

Standup for the Cure paddlers in pink108
Take to the water for breast cancer’s early detection and research. Support SUFTC’s efforts today!