What’s the original Queen of Sup – Nikki Gregg – doing now? By Glenn Dubock

Nikki Gregg Baywood Pier Glenn Dubock banner
Nikki Gregg in between storm clouds on Baywood Pier. Photo by: Glenn Dubock
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Inspiring the legions of women who came after her, Nikki Gregg, fitness model, white water paddler and open hearted woman pioneer was – and still is – the original Queen of Sup. 

Nikki Gregg Glenn Dubock Oregon
Ever a water gal at heart, Nikki takes a quiet moment on Morro Bay in California.  Photo by:  Glenn Dubock

Catching up with Nikki Gregg

A night of blessed pouring rain does nothing to dampen my excitement at reconnecting with Nikki Gregg. Her history with our sport runs so deep, has such long legs and lasting impressions.

Some old lyrics come to mind as we meet on the rain-slicked Baywood Pier to make a game plan for the day:
“Breathe deep the gathering gloom…..”

Storm clouds are shading the water coal-mine black, the stillness is absolutely deafening.

Ever the optimist, Nikki, without hesitation, unloads her paddle and board and strokes out into the abyss of her bliss.
The sun magically finds her, illuminates her glide path.  I do my part to record the moment and retreat as soon as the heavens open up the flood gates once again.

This seems to be the way life works for Nikki – moving through storms and sunshine but always leaning forward and staying positive.
She came to Morro Bay to give a seminar last October but the locals embraced her and taught her to appreciate the many gifts this special nook in the coast has to offer.

We will meet up with those new found friends and do some exploring in the next few days.

Stay tuned.
— Glenn Dubock