Red Paddle Co. launches campaign to showcase inspirations behind why people paddle

Red Paddle Co A Bag Full Of Campaign inflatable paddleboard banner
Red Paddle Co's A Bag Full Of Campaign seeks to unearth the inspirations behind why we paddle
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Red Paddle Co. unpacks a bag full of resolutions.  See how this innovative inflatable sup company wants to help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions, unpack your dreams of adventure and celebrate the reasons why we love paddling.

Red Paddle Co. A Bag Full Of Campaign Red Original backpack
Adventure made easy: The Red Original backpack makes taking your paddleboard to remote locations easy and accessible. It’s like carrying an adventure on your back!

A Bag Full of Resolutions

Red Paddle Co. launched their latest campaign today, “A Bag Full Of…” to discover and celebrate the inspirations behind why we love to hit the water with our inflatable paddle boards.  Over the next two weeks,  A Bag Full of Resolutions will see Red Paddle Co. come together with sup enthusiasts and experts to explore the ways that paddle boarding can help you set and achieve your New Year’s resolutions.  As a part of their quest, the company is asking paddlers from all over the world to share their New Year’s resolutions on Red Paddle Co.’s social media channels.

Red Paddle Co A Bag Full Of campaign Red Original backpack
The Red Original backpack, which comes with every Red Paddle Co board, provides convenience and accessibility for your next paddle board excursion.

The Red Original backpack:  housing for adventure

The Bag Full Of campaign will evolve over the next several months and will focus on Red Paddle Co.’s key selling point that all boards are inflatable and pack down into their iconic Red Original backpack.  This backpack which enables convenient transportation for all Red Paddle Co.’s boards, they say, is also a housing for a very special piece of equipment which inspires epic adventures, generates personal stories and creates unforgettable memories for paddlers.

Red Paddle Co A Bag Full Of campaign inflatable standup paddleboards
Why do you paddle? Red Paddle Co wants to celebrate a paddler’s inspiration. That could be you!

Technology inspires adventure

“I am yet to meet a paddleboarder who hasn’t got an inspirational story or aspirational location to share with me and I can’t wait to share some of those with our community,” says Managing Director and Co-Founder John Hibbard.

As the world’s most popular inflatable standup paddle board company, Red Paddle Co. is constantly breaking perceptions and redefining what it means to ride an inflatable board.  Renowned for it’s MSL Fusion technology, Titan Pump and award-winning paddle boards, the brand has become synonymous with exploration and adventure across the globe due to it’s easy convenience and ability to roll up and be transported anywhere!  Thanks to that handy backpack and Red Paddle Co.’s board housing that is, literally, adventure waiting to happen … in a bag.

Red Paddle Co A Bag Full of campaign standup paddleboards
Sign on for the next adventure in Red Paddle Co.’s ‘A Bag Full Of ‘campaign and stay inspired to paddle all year long!

Stay inspired!

When combined, these features make standup paddle boarding one of the most accessible watersports in the world today, but the reasons for doing it differ from person to person.  Red Paddle Co. in their Bag Full Of campaign seeks to unearth and celebrate as many of those reasons as possible, all the while inspiring others to do the same.

“When you buy a Red Paddle Co board, you are … creating a bag full of memories, adventure and happiness along the way,” proclaims Head of Marketing, Charlie Green.  “These are the real reasons we all love paddle boarding and no matter how big your paddle board dream is – we want to be a part of it.”

Stay tuned to hear MORE about Red Paddle Co.’s Bag Full Of campaign or head over to their Facebook page for the latest information.

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