Big Wave Rider Vilayta & The Legend of San Borondon

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Big wave standup paddle surfer Vilayta and his crew chase the legend of San Borondon across the Canaries in search of giant waves, big risks and mythical islands.

Chasing Waves Across the Canaries

The legend of San Borondón is one of a traveling monk named San Brendan.  He and his followers discovered a mythical island off the West coast of North Africa in the year of 512. This island, as legends tell it, is the eighth Canary Island which can only be seen for brief moments from the surrounding shores of neighboring isle,  El Hierro.  Inhabitants of El Hierro claim to have seen San Borondon appear out of the ocean only for it to vanish again in the shifting mists.  Cloaked in mystery, some explorers say they have stood on the island.  It appears and disappears rising out of the Atlantic Ocean according to the tides, the moon and the lore.

San Borondon Canary Islands Vilatya 1080
Seeking myths, riding legends:  Big wave rider, Vilayta, finds a slab off the coast of the Canary Islands in film, San Borondon.

Real Life Exploration

Sometimes a legend is too good not to explore.

What better place to chase mythical waves than along the coastline and coves of the untried, untested waters off the Canaries?

The film, San Borondon, is the real life history of an expedition to the Canary Islands in search of slabs, both big and unconquered.  Directed by Rayco Cano and featuring big wave hunters like Alexander Zirke, Ayoze Fernández, Daniel Bruch, Manuel Lezcano and including big wave sup surfer Vilayta, San Borondon is a beautiful portrayal of the spirit of adventure, magnificent waves and the giants who take them on.


San Borondon Vilatya Canary Islands
Vilayta finds a real and present moment in the towering surf of San Borondon.

Vilatya, born David Rodal Santiago, is a Tenerife local and has been riding Canary Island waves for a lifetime.  His presence on this trip, as a Starboard International team rider, represents another significant step of standup paddlers entering into the big wave arena.  The footage is magical, almost surreal.  The waves are heavy and real enough.

Check out the magic in the full length feature by clicking HERE.

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