The Silent Glide – Hydro Foiling with Chuck Patterson

Global Partner

Chuck Patterson knows his sup 😉 He’s always one of the front runners when it comes to testing out new equipment or trying something for the first time (like skiing down the face of a wave at Jaws with ski poles in hand), Check out his latest video on the performance side of the Naish  hydro foil for standup paddling. He’s about to take YOU for a ride!

Balance is the key to life.”

There’s something to be said for always striving to be challenged, learning something new.  The science of foiling has always intrigued me and, like all the sports I’ve spent my life doing, I’m totally addicted.  Word to the wise. be patient, very observant, respectful and safe.  This ride is like walking on the clouds!  – Chuck Patterson

RIDE THE GLIDE:  Having watched Chuck teach my friends how to hydro foil on a sup, I know he is a good, patient teacher.  The rides, once there, look effortless and incredible, but the learning curve is … well, a curve 😉  Take your time and have fun out there!

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