Choosing your paddle is like picking a favorite traveling companion: Ke Nalu at Dawn

Capture the sunrise from your paddleboard and begin the day like Lizi Ruiz here, in the right frame of mind.
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As paddlers, we know that dawn is often the time when the waters are still and quiet with minimal wind and turbulence.  The effort to get out on the water at dawn can seem daunting; and yet, for those of us who’ve made the journey and experienced the sunrise on the water to watch the play of light as the earth awakens, we know just how good those moments can be.  In this frame, Lizi Ruiz of Ke Nalu finds her soulful connection to nature at sunrise in Coral Gables, Florida.

Lizi Ruiz KeNalu sunrise
Lizi Ruiz captures the essence of why getting out of bed early is so worth it! Photo: Raul Ruiz

“I love getting out on the water as the earth wakes up. Not one day is ever the same. This day was special because it was my first am sunrise paddle in 2 weeks, I was stoked I got to hit the water and get back into the routine of race training.”  – Lizi Ruiz

Ke Nalu ambassador and team rider, Lizi Ruiz finds serenity at sunrise in Coral Gables, Florida this week.  Lizi’s Go-To paddle of choice is her Ke Nalu Mana 82 because, she says, “the blade has a very clean entry with a full catch. It is the best paddle Ke Nalu has come out with yet!”  Paddling at dawn is a soulful experience for Lizi in order to get her training in before work, have a quiet moment, and be a part of the waking world with the water at her feet.

We can relate.


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