SWEET SHOT! Wednesday’s (Hump Day) Photo of the Day – Dropping in like Mary Poppins

Patrice Guenole photo sup surfer jump
Stay light on your feet! Photo by: Patrice Guenole
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Here at Standup Journal, we celebrate the photo that tells a good tale.
Sometimes the visual doesn’t even need a verbal explanation.  But THIS one sure does …

In this photo, submitted by Steve West, we’re thinking of an even BIGGER fish tale?

Steve West Photo by Patrice Guenole
Freestyling or creative foot placement? This photo tells the tale of 1000 words.   Photo by:  Patrice Guenole


Anybody out there want to try their size at captioning / creating the story that comes out of this pic, leave it in the comments BELOW.

We’d LOVE to hear from ya!


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