Last Chance! A Motivational Force of Nature: Candice Appleby in 10 Years a Sport

Candice Appleby 10 years a sport standup journal
The heart of a champion: Candice Appleby in 10 Years a Sport
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Hi there, it’s Evelyn here, your online editor at Standup  Some thoughts on the latest print issue of Standup Journal and our feature article on all-time champion, Candice Appleby.

Candice Appleby 10 Years a Sport Standup Journal
A real peek into the heart of a champion. Check out Candice Appleby’s feature, beautifully captured by Judy Shasek in our 10 Years a Sport issue (Fall 2016) before they’re gone!

“Our lives speak louder than our words.” – Candice Appleby

It’s no secret that, in my life, Candice Appleby is a giant in my book. She has been a source of inspiration for years on many different levels. From the first day I caught a glimpse of her at the 2012 Battle of the Paddle, her grace, good will and style has always been a pivotal force for me both as a paddler and as a human being.

“I practice moving my feet on a board and doing tricks.  I fall into the water, get up again and keep practicing.  I love to push the limits.”

The recent 10 Years a Sport issue of Standup Journal (now on newsstands) has an unbelievable capture of this great athlete and human being we know as Candice, in a gorgeous 18-page feature spread that takes you way below the surface of the girl who crushes it on the race course and in the waves. It is an inside look at her driving forces: her family, her friends and her faith. Candice is always – in my experience – pretty transparent and, in this article by Judy Shasek, we get to see her from a few of her multiple facets both as a woman growing into her potential and an athlete finding her way in a fiercely competitive arena.

I hope you can grab a copy of 10 Years a Sport (Fall 2016) before they disappear from the newsstands next week.  We are making room for the new Winter Travel issue due out on Dec. 21st.  Candice, Laird, Kai and Gerry all have brilliant gems to share.  It’s worth the read, it WILL get you out there paddling and it just might inspire you to be a better person.

“My character is built from the impact that I’ve made in the lives of other people.  I find my success and true accomplishments though helping others believe in themselves…”


We are so lucky to be surrounded by these incredible athletes who embody the word ‘champion’ in so many different ways.  Thanks Candice. When I grow up, I STILL want to be just like YOU.

— Evelyn O’Doherty
Online Editor


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