Surf Technique: Backside Paddle Transition in the surf by Paddle Barbados


Surf Technique:  Backside Paddle Transition for smooth turns in the surf.

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Some folks make it all look SO easy.  Jason Cole of Paddle Barbados is not only a skilled sup surfer but an articulate coach as well.  Check out his tutorial on Backside Paddle Transitions here.


Improve your surf technique:  Learn how to smoothly transition your paddle to turn on the wave with this video on Backside Paddle Transition created by Jason and Sarah Cole of Paddle Barbados.

Jason Cole, the 2015 Barbados National Sup Surf Champion, describes the 3-step approach to backside turns.

1. Switch the paddle to the backside on the drop into the wave
2. Touch the paddle to the water on your bottom turn and rotate around it.
3. Stab the paddle into the water at the top of the wave to pivot off of

4. Release the paddle and surf on …

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