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Our First-Ever ONLINE EDITOR, Evelyn O’Doherty, is a HARD CORE sup racer/surfer/yoga instructor and journalist

Celebrating a LOVE of water life, Ev's STOKE is sure to fire UP our readers online!
ON the water and OFF, Ev’s STOKE is what fires people UP!

“The universe tilted,” when she learned to surf!
We are overjoyed to have hit the mother load of all-around sup stoke and goodness by bringing on Evelyn O’Doherty of Long Island, New York to the team. A former school teacher gone rogue, Ev caught her first wave at the age of 36! “That’s when the universe tilted,” she recalls, and the surfing bug bit her hard.

Evelyn’s once fast-track career as a public school teacher fell by the wayside as she began chasing waves across Long Island and around the globe. Today she is a happy year-round surfer, paddleboarder and yoga teacher on the East End of Long Island. She runs her own sup business, teaches in an after-school program and is high profile leader in local water-based fundraising efforts in the Hamptons! Giving BACK is her way of staying SANE.

“Her first race was supposed to be a leisurely paddle …[but!] that turned into a competitive sprint”
and a standup racer was born!


Evelyn’s mega-stoke comes from being a standout paddler on the North American racing circuit. Her first ‘race’ was supposed to be a leisurely paddle to raise funds for important women’s issues that turned into a competitive sprint with another local gal and she was hooked! Today, Ev travels the US and abroad to 10-12 sup races every year, offering progressive paddling clinics and hosting multiple retreats for sup, surfing and yoga. She is passionate about teaching sup, empowering others and the positive growth of the sport. She is also a clear, loud voice for the preservation of our natural resources (especially clean water!) that make paddling so special. Evelyn’s broad perspective of the waterways, surf culture and local East End Montauk-area community give her a unique qualification to maintain our magazine’s grassroots, “start local” approach.



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As our website’s editorial content director, Evelyn brings 12-plus years of collaborating, writing and editing experience to her work. Beyond her years as a teacher, she is an accomplished journalist who has published features in a variety of print mags and online, adeptly covering subjects ranging from winter sup paddling to cross-training techniques that help keep the rust off during the off season.

Evelyn lives by the water with her husband Kevin and their two cats, Maya & Albert. She is a die-hard year-round surfer and paddler. She loves rattling around in her ‘87 Ford Ranger, surfboards hanging out the back, coffee and a muffin in hand to surf at Ditch Plains. She finds her inspiration through meditative walks on the beach. In the off-season, she travels extensively mainly to host multiple retreats and create dynamic, new experiences for others on the water. Her love and commitment to the written word combined with her endless optimism on the subject of paddleboarding make her a dynamic force—a welcomed addition to

“EO” is stoked to connect with paddlers from all over the world, to “ferret out stories and nuggets of wisdom to amplify the ways that we standup paddlers create a positive impact in our world today.”

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Evelyn O'Doherty, editor & publisher of the new Standup Journal 2.0 is a former school teacher gone rogue. She left her career as a teacher in order to spend more time near or on the water after learning to surf turned her life around (upsidedown?). She is a year-round surfer and paddler living on the eastern tip of Long Island in NY who is a certified SUP instructor, seasoned SUP racer and avid longboard surfer. Evelyn was hired as Online Editor to Standup Journal in 2016. Her passion for the project quickly led to her success and eventually taking over the mag herself in Oct. 2018. Today, as editor, publisher and chief bottle washer at Standup Journal, Evelyn keeps her toes wet writing, traveling, paddling, surfing, and learning to foil. You can find her most days paddling out on Gardiner's Bay or surfing Ditch Plains in Montauk, NY.