Paddle Song for the Humpback Whales

Paddle Song for the Humpback Whales

Paddle Song for the Humpback Whales
Paddling in Nature’s Perfect Balance, Costa Rica

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By Matula The Jungle Gypsy

When you find your paradise, do you let others in on the secret?

Or, is there too much glory of being a queen of your own kingdom?

The most magical experiences of my life have happened to me once I began paddleboarding on Drake Bay in Costa Rica. Only accessible by boat, to get there one takes a small plane and then a boat ride through crocodile infested waters with monkeys swinging and macaws squawking overhead to reach the entrance to the Bay.

When you do finally arrive at Drake Bay, in order to paddle out towards the ocean you wait for the waves and time a set perfectly to sneak out between two sea rocks to finally enter the open water on the other side.

humpback from matula

This area looks like a scene straight out of Jurassic Park. Truly untouched, sacred ground. Drake Bay is deemed one of the most biologically dense areas on the planet. The forest and sea are teaming with wildlife and natural abundance. Every day one encounters a new species or learns something new from these amazing surroundings.

I have found deep inner peace and harmony living among the wildlife of Drake Bay. I have become a Pocahontas- type character, paddling along on my daily adventures singing to the whales and dolphins. This year, I stuck around for the rainy season and was able to paddle so close to the humpbacks that I could feel the spray from their blowhole.

People asked if I was scared. To be honest, not at all.

I was completely engulfed by their majesty and couldn’t stop singing to them, nor they to me. Their presence on this planet is truly a gift.

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