Bernd Roediger’s Australia| Barreling Right-Hand Slab Perfection

Bernd Roediger's Australia| Barreling Right-Hand Slab Perfection
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“Australia was a blur of amazing sessions with great friends! To enumerate the amount of “best day ever” days we had in South Coast would be impossible. However, I focus on one session, sometime after Kai had cut a gaping wound into the sole of his foot, and a bit before Fiona arrived to join our convoy… Out in the middle of the jungle, we trekked around for miles, on the rumor that Kai had caught wind of, a barreling right-hand slab jutting out into the sapphire-blue Tasman sea… Perfection, that’s what we found, sadly, only I was healthy enough to ride it, I was just going to have to take one for the team :)” Bernd Roediger

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