Team O’Neill Rider Jed Gradisen Surprise Dolphin Nose Through Surf Board

Team O'Neill Rider Jed Gradisen Surprise Dolphin Nose Through Surf Board
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“It was as amazed as I was!”

13 year old Jed Gradisen, Western Australian surfer on Team O’Neill, was enjoying an afternoon of solid swell with his mates at one of their favorite spots when Jed snapped his board on a heavy wave.

Paddling back out on a borrowed board Jed and his mate see a pod of dolphins heading straight for them, it’s not an uncommon sight in this area. Jed’s dad was filming Ben (Jed’s brother) on a wave but what happens next was completely unexpected…

The dolphin’s nose went straight through the board, Jed was able to react just in time to get out of the way. Luckily both Jed and the dolphin seem to be doing fine.


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    • Seriously! A couple inches in the other direction and it could have been a different story!

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