Mind Is Blow | Kama The Surfing Pig Steals The Show

Kama the surfing pig stand up paddling in Oahu

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This is Oahu’s most unlikely dynamic surfing duo…And they’re awesome! It all started when Kai Holt was paddling out to catch some waves, he noticed his one month old pig Kama following him out into the surf zone. Kai thought, why not put him on the board and take him for a paddle to see if he likes it? Well he did and Kama took to riding a stand up paddleboard instantly!

After paddling around a little Kai turned the board to head back in and decided to catch a wave. As soon as they dropped in Kama ran to the nose and rode it all the way to the beach. He was hooked!

Kai never expected the Kama to take to surfing so quick!

From that day on, Kama became a regular out on the lineup and is now affectionately known as “Kama the Surfing Pig”

What a fun and unexpected relationship.

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