Connor Baxter Fights Off 10ft Tiger Shark During Maliko Downwinder On a Sup Foil


10 Foot Tiger Shark Goes After Connor Baxter’s Sup Foil On Maliko Downwinder with Zane Schweitzer and Alex Aguera!

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This just in from Connor’s dad, Keith Baxter: Connor was doing the Maliko Run on Maui’s north shore with Alex Aguera and Zane Schweitzer, testing Aguera’s new sup foils last weekend. “They’d gotten downwind about as far as Momma’s Fish House when the wind started slacking off,” says Keith.

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Connor was about 1/4 mile ahead of the guys so he decided to paddle upwind to rejoin them, then Keith said “the shark came up from behind and attacked Connor’s foil. It knocked Connor flat on his back! Connor jumped on his board and jabbed the shark on the nose with his paddle and it took off!”

What started off as what Connor thought was a prank, soon proved to be way more serious, when Connor was knocked onto his back when the 10 foot Tiger Shark knocked into his sup foil fin.

Connor soon realized the severity of his situation and thought “Oh My God, is this really happening?”

Connor recounts the power of the shark “it was unbelievable as kept attacking the board, almost flipping it over…”

He soon realized this wasn’t going to be a quick attack and run by the shark so Connor grabbed his paddle and started hitting the shark, who didn’t let go until after the tenth hit.

The shark then circled back around, but this time Connor was ready and hit the Tiger shark square in the nose.  He saw a big splash and the shark disappeared.

Thankfully it was a happy ending and now Connor has one crazy story to tell.

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