Top 10 Stand Up Paddleboard Photos Of The Day 7-29-16

sup in the turks and caicos

Jala Wharton Spreading Good Vibes

Global Partner

I vibe . you vibe . we vibe . Good vibes.. Let nature be the remote control this weekend..

Adventurer Antonio de la Rosa | Ultimate Stand Up Paddle Quest

Adventurer Antonio de la Rosa returns home after having traveled more than 700 km in one of the most inhospitable and one of the most adverse climates on the planet! He has accomplished a great feat that no one has even tried before.

Dad & daughter Adventure Time!

Smashing Lips in the Turks and Caicos

Looking forward to more days like this with Dave Kalama during the annual Turks and Caicos Kalama Camp – from flat water exploration to downwinders to waves. Team Kalama and Big Blue teach you from the ground up. Only a few spots left for October 2016.

Paddle Hawaii

It’s a big blue beautiful

Lizi Ruiz Staying Sup Fit

“Lizi Ruiz”]Besides all of the sea life you get to see on sup, another reason why I ❤ love it, is the exercise you get out of a training session. On this day I paddled for a hour and burned 550 Calories doing a HIIT session ??. I have always struggled with my weight and hate dieting so, sup has really helped me stay fit. I think I will forever be a work in progress but, I will enjoy every step of the way.? So grateful for finding a sport that has brought me that much closer to Nature and that has improved my overall health.

Este Fui In German Mist

Palm Life making a peaceful pass by Fort Matanzas

Happy Birthday Paddle Session

“Sean Poynter” url=””]Happy birthday to the man who surprised the hell out of me in making this wave, clearly. Happy birthday dad!!

Kai Lenny Doing What He Does Best

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