10X Your Sup Skills In One Week With Blue Zone Sup In Costa Rica

paddlwoo podcast 10x your sup in one week
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Meet Jason. Jason is software developer and web marketer from Santa Monica. He started kitesurfing in 2007 and in 2011 found paddle surfing. About a year ago he stumbled across paddlewoo, listening to the podcast and reading the journal he decided that for his 40th birthday he’d like to come train at Blue Zone in Costa Rica. Jason is an intermediate paddle surfer with a high degree of comfort in the ocean. He catches a ton of waves, gets down the line easily and is working on more advanced turns. He’s a great representative for the passionate paddle surfer who has more love than time, but is driven to progress.His goal for the trip – to progress “a few years of California surfing in a week.” A lofty goal, but one he thinks he achieved

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