Whiplash Sup Lowdown From The Speed-Freak’s Sanctuary

Whiplash Sup Lowdown From The Speed-Freak's Sanctuary
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Lead Designer for Infinity Sup, Dave Boehne gives us the lowdown on the all new 2016 Whiplash from the speed-freaks sanctuary conveniently located inside the Infinity factory.

The Whiplash has been a staple in the Infinity race arsenal and now building on the rocker design of Dave’s Dad Steve, with input from elite racers like Candice Appleby and Slater Trout, this board is sure to help you dominate in any race condition.

Updates include about an extra 20L of volume to help with stability, an updated nose design to help cut through the chop, and and extremely stiff body for when you are really digging deep.

On a side note Candice went undefeated in 2015 using this board!