10 Reasons Why The Werner Rip Stick Belongs In Your Quiver

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Most paddlers today understand that you need the right tool for the job when it comes to choosing a standup paddleboard. You would be hard pressed to catch a wave (and enjoy it) on a race board and you certainly would not be likely to win a distance race on sup surf board. So why do many of us settle for having just one paddle in our quiver?

Werner Paddles introduces the Rip Stick HD with Double Concave Dihedral (A dihedral angle is the angle between two intersecting planes)


1. It gives a self centering dynamic for maximum stoke stability so you can focus on catching the wave while not worrying about your paddling technique.

2. The double concave creates 2 “power pockets” which give you incredible power with a smaller profile paddle and overall size.

3. Blade to shaft offset is a Werner innovation which has been helping surfers since 2008. The 7 degree offset keeps the blade vertical for the short fast strokes needed for surfing and also keeps the blade more parallel to the surface of the water eliminating diving and providing more confident bracing on the surface of the water.

4. Buoyancy…The added volume to size ratio means you will feel the blade popping out the water which translates into shorter faster strokes so you can catch more waves with less effort.

5. Lightweight full carbon construction weighing just 16oz. while maintaining ultimate strength you can trust.

6. The blade-shape has been dialed in to give more initial power for quick, explosive strokes needed in surfing.

7. Increased flex means reduced stress on your joints so you won’t have to worry about blowing out your elbow while charging waves.

8. Advanced fit options. With Small fit or standard fit you can choose the paddle grip size that’s best for you for optimal performance.

9. Performance adjustable for those wanting to fine tune the length or for sharing with a friend.

10. Performance travel option is a 3 piece paddle that breaks down into your luggage so you can have your Werner paddle on any adventure you dream up!

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