Juvo Board | Indoor SUP Training Product Spotlight

Introducing the Juvo Board

It’s raining, it’s pouring, my SUP seems to be snoring….in the garage.

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In the bitterly-cold, finger-numbing, snot-freezing time of year, it sure it hard to get in my SUP workout as much as I would like. And while there are several products available for indoor SUP training, I have found one in particular that simulates the surface, instability, and feel of being on my SUP, as well as even more training options at a price point I can actually afford.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have one product that helped you get a great SUP workout indoors, improve your yoga, and even offer options to vary up your weight training, and high intensity workouts? Almost like a personal assistant towards your SUP and Fitness goals….and one that won’t cost you a kidney?

There is. It’s called the “Juvo Board”. Juvo, in latin, means “to assist or support”. Not only will it SUP-port you as an indoor workout option to stay SUP-ready all year, but it also offers 3 positions for various workout and training modalities.

In it’s 3 positions, FORM, ELEVATE, and BALANCE, the Juvo Board offers you the chance to improve form and functional fitness in a flat stable position, incline training for both beginner and advanced fitness enthusiasts to assist them towards their goals, and a balance position which offers SUP training, SUP Yoga training, and the benefits of any kind of training on a unstable surface.

Here are some of the benefits you can be assisted with when training on the Juvo Board:

SUP yoga and fitness training indoors when you can’t get outdoors.
Weight training on an unstable surface, recruiting more core and abdominal muscles.
Greater calorie and fat-burning potential as you recruit more muscle fibers for exercise in Juvo Balance.
Safe knees with elevated squats and lunges for those with knee issues.
Push-ups made possible in Juvo Elevate position, allowing you to build strength with proper form to progress to flat level pushups.
Ability to build upper body strength without pressure on the wrists and shoulders in yoga poses such as Downward Dog and Upward Dog.
Take Barre workouts to another level, training on an unstable surface in Juvo Balance.
Experienced yogis can challenge themselves further by working against gravity moving downward on the board.
Plyometric training can be gentler on the joints, by jumping onto the elevated surface, rather than landing flat on the ground.
Weight train in Juvo Elevated position, with incline training for exercises such as incline chest press and chest flyes.
Can’t lay flat on your back due to back issues? Try sit-ups and crunches in Juvo Elevate and let the mat come to you.
Traction your spine after a long day by laying with legs the board in Juvo Elevate and letting the body relax down the board.

The possibilities here go on and on. Not only does an unstable surface and an elevated surface offer you a wide variety of options for changing up your workouts, adding more or less challenge, studies have shown that training on unstable surfaces is beneficial for more than just a better workout or better body, but also can help with certain health issues…(see “SUP-Moving Medicine” article here as well as this proven study: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25899544)

Unlike other SUP indoor trainers, it offers so much more than the ability to keep your body in SUP-er shape. This is definitely a revolutionary surface worth investing in. For more info on getting certified to teach Juvo and use it for yourself or your clients, and for some great deals on the Juvo Board, visit juvoboard.com and also be sure to check the Kickstarter program that is only going on the month of January. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1108345017/juvo-board-simple-functional-fitness-for-anyone

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