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Check out the new MixCala board lineup!

Mixcala is all about

1. FLEXIBILITY AND DURABILITY. MixCaLa boards use 100% real bamboo so one can enjoy the flexibility while surfing without sacrificing the durability. Thanks to our bamboo sandwich construction technology we were able to keep the weight low while increasing durability.

2. STYLE AND BEAUTY. MixCaLa Boards mix paddle boarding with fashion and brings the latest trending color combinations onto the glass-like looking finish, bright duo-tone color stylish boards.

3. QUALITY AND STRENGTH. MixCaLa boards only use top quality materials and never stop searching for the best. MixCaLa boards were able to build boards with real strength underneath it.

4. SUPPORT WHERE IT MATTERS. MixCaLa boards understands the benefits of paddle boarding. So MixCaLa boards have added extra layer of protection underneath the deck pad area. Don’t hold back, jump on a brand new MixCaLa board and paddle as often as you like, as long as you want.

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