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16 mile SUP Adventure around the Monterey Peninsula w/ Brent Allen Outside 8/2015

“August seems to be the flattest time of the year for the Monterey Bay. I took the opportunity to guide what is now the youngest person to standup paddle this stretch of ocean, Harry Deisroth 15 years old from Monterey, CA. (16 miles) Not many kids or adults are comfortable to cover that much ocean in this area of central California.

We started our paddle at the commercial pier of the Fisherman’s Wharf in Monterey, CA, and with 3 GoPro cameras, shot our 6 hour adventure.

The Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary is packed with life. We only paddled moments before a huge Humpback Whale popped up at the Coast Guard Pier! Many areas around the peninsula have thick schools of bait fish. We had many encounters with Humpback Whales feeding, sea otters, sea lions, harbour seals, and sea birds.

Respect marine wildlife and keep your distance. Many marine mammals will move toward you if you just stop. Whales always have the right of way.

Help keep the Monterey Bay clean of plastics and trash, we only have one.” –Brent Allen Outside

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Brent Allen Outside is based in Carmel by the sea , CA Stand Up Paddle instructor/Guide for the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary , adventure traveler, lifestyle sport event host/commentator, and ocean advocate.