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Sometimes it’s great to take a second and travel with your mind to a far off location. I hope this selection of standup paddling photos brings you there 🙂

1. @thebeachblondelife:
Location: Pinecrest Lake
Quote: “Stand up paddle boarding and my dog happen to be two of my favorite things. I like to share my adventures ?❤️? Live Free. ”

2. @surfsup_turksandcaicos
Location: Turks and Caicos Islands
Quote: “On a mission ?? Adventures in Turks & Caicos ??”

3. @smilewitay
Location: Oklahoma
Quote: “Inflatable iSUPS. Great mattresses for taking naps too!”

4. @mistralusa:
Location: USA
Quote: “Mistral SUP USA The Exclusive Distributors of Mistral Stand Up Paddle Boards in the USA, Canada, Central America, South America and The Caribbean.”

5. @leesea78
Location: Florida
Quote: “Just going with the flow along this river of grass. ??”

6. @lakeshoresup
Location: Canada
Quote: “Here’s another pic from day 2 of Lyndsay and Jake’s Canadian SUP tour”

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