Finding Balance: A Simple Way To Destress And Enjoy Life

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Finding balanceBy Kate Watson

FullSizeRender_2Life is about striking a balance; so cliché, yet so true.  It is an age-old struggle about following your dreams, making enough money to fulfill them, and finding time for family, friends and adventure.

Recently I have been out of balance.  How can I tell? Beyond the normal symptoms of stress, being a little snappy and honestly overall a little down (sure signs of being out of balance!) I was literally off balance…

I fell when I was in my garden for no reason. I could not really find my groove on my yoga mat and fell out of even the easiest pose and finally could not nail a headstand… a headstand?! This is my go-to place on my mat, Stand Up Paddleboard (sup) and overall just a good party trick!

So what to do? I guess this is where I need to…(insert place, person or thing that brings me back into balance).  It could be as simple as a coffee date with a good friend I have not seen in a while, a solo hike up a mountain to connect to nature, watching the new latest greatest flick on the big screen or taking a much needed nap!

For me… it’s always a Watson Adventure (check out #Watsonadventures for some fun family inspiration).

This past weekend, my husband and I took our 3 kids, my Mom and some of our closest friends to our favorite camping spot.  Just hitting the road with my shoes off, the dust from dirt roads reminded me that I had made it out of town and into the backcountry, and it put a huge smile on my face!

Immediately after arriving at our destination, we unloaded our Paiwen Stand Up Paddle Boards and walked them down to the water.  With my car still packed full to the brim and a ‘to-do’s’ including setting up the tent, unpacking food and chairs, beach toys and beds to make, I simply placed my board down and took to the water.

Within seconds, I felt myself arriving in the moment, being present, and my heart filling with love for nature, family, friends and of course adventure. 


Slowly, I dipped my paddle soundlessly into the water, propelling myself farther from shore.  It was like a good feast for my soul to wind up along the side of the lake looking down upon fish slowing meandering underneath me.  The shoreline leading somewhere, farther ahead, with no end to the adventure that lay before me to discover.

My feet felt planted down in a way they had not in a month, I was standing with ease on top of my board, everything just moving together in unison, no balance needed because I was simply and finally back in balance.

It was that quick, that easy and that simple.  Not even an hour on the water filled my gas tank up to full on life.  Of course the rest of the weekend kept delivering amazing things like a beautiful storm down the lake with a lightning show, hiking to a waterfall and walking over logs hanging over the river and countless snuggles on the beach with our kids! After a beautiful sleep under the stars, we awoke to a bright and sunny day… the universe delivered all that I wanted and needed!

The SUP adventures continued all day long with kids playing on the boards, friends touring the lake, and then an amazing yoga session on the water.  Yoga on my Paddleboard offers me a whole new perspective, one I can’t adapt to when I am feeling off balance.


hubby and son

That afternoon, without much thought, I popped up into my headstand on my Paiwen SUP and floated around, looking at everything upside down, smiling and eventually bursting into laughter.


My lesson from the weekend was not profound or mind blowing, but simple and uncomplex.  The lesson was this…  Striking that balance comes from a place where you feel most centered; from your gut and your intuition. It is there, nagging at you unconsciously when tuned out or consciously when tuned into yourself.  Balance speaks to you from a different place than your head.

It is a subtle, often a small quiet correction if we listen closely and frequently enough.  It’s a little louder if we ignore it, at points literally knocking you off your feet.  Balance is living and finding our joy through play, work, adventure, family and friends, or whatever does it for you! This past weekend I listened to that small calling to go camping and found my balance on and off my board.


Kate Watson
Paiwen Girl Team

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