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chaseDid you know you can train six days a week and still be unprepared to race? I found out the hard way when I first got into SUP racing in 2009. After five years of racing I decided to write the eBook, SUP Training The Smart Way, to help paddlers avoid the same mistakes I made and reach their full athletic potential.

It was 2010, and I was excited as I prepared for the Battle of the Paddle – Hawaii. I had been training hard for months, working out six days a week. As race day approached, my fitness was strong but my SUP preparation strategies were lacking.

My training program was missing targeted intervals, proper volume and sufficient intensity. My paddle was much too big for me; my technique needed work and I was inexperienced in ocean conditions. Still, I somehow thought that I was ready. In retrospect, I just didn’t know any better. In 2010, SUP was just developing as a sport. Racing information was scarce and training programs were non-existent.

Race day arrived and frankly, the BOP Hawaii kicked my butt. I struggled through the elite course race and finished at the back of the pack. I was frustrated and confused about how I could possibly finish so poorly after training so hard.

What I failed to realize was that I needed to train smarter, not harder.

Following my disastrous BOP experience, I dedicated myself to mastering the training and racing techniques that would give me the results I wanted. Five years of designing my own training programs, coaching hundreds of SUP athletes and learning from fellow elite paddlers helped me to reach my goals. SUP Training The Smart Way eBook and Training Packages are designed to help you reach yours.

Should I train three or four days per week? How do I use proper technique to go faster? What is the best way to gauge training effort? What if I can’t train on the water?

There are so many questions to answer. Eliminate the guesswork so you can focus 100% on your training and maximize your results.

Option 1: Basic Package

sup training the right way SUP Training The Smart Way eBook

  • 250 pages of valuable SUP training and racing content, diagrams and charts to give you the tools and knowledge to reach peak performance.
  • 16-Week Basic Training Program
  • Introductory program for beginner paddlers looking to find success in a 3 to 6-mile race.
  • Step-By-Step guides to organize your season with the exact volume, intensity and workouts to reach your goal. Includes the Smart Training Planner to guide you through this process and plan an entire year of training and racing with multiple peaking strategies.

Price: $39.99

Option 2: Plus Package

Includes everything in the Basic Package PLUS:

  • 12-Week Race Ready SUP Training Program-Choose the beginner/intermediate or advanced customized program. Contains targeted heart-rate based interval workouts, cross training and built-in tapering and peaking strategies to reach peak performance for your 5 to14-mile race.

Price $129.99

Option 3: Elite Package

Includes everything in the Basic and Elite packages PLUS:

  • 5 One-On-One Virtual Coaching Sessions-The most effective way to learn with individualized critique from me, Chase Kosterlitz.
  • Video Stroke Analysis-Detailed assessment of your technique with a written report including specific drills and customized instruction on how you can perfect your technique.

This option is the best value and offers the complete knowledge and support you need to take your paddling to the next level.

Price $249.99

Our Guarantee

Of course, all three options come with the SUP Athletes guarantee.

Read the eBook, use our 12-Week Race Ready Program or use our coaching and video analysis in your training and racing over the next month. If you don’t see progress or you’re not satisfied in any way, I’ll give you a full, 100% refund.

All you need to do is send an email to me and I’ll take care of it for you. What do you have to lose except for time off of your next race?

If you want to:

  • Maximize your training and make the best use of your time
  • Reach your goals and paddle faster, longer and stronger
  • Master pro-race tactics, pacing and nutrition strategies

SUP Training The Smart Way Packages are right for you. -Chase Kosterlitz

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