Mo Freitas on Paddlewoo: Gracefully Shredding To Surfing Pipe

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Episode 8 of the Podcast Features Mo Freitas.

Hey there paddlewoo fans. This is Erik, your host of the PaddleWoo Podcast. I don’t think I have been as fired up for a show as I am about today’s guest.

One of the reasons I wanted to start this podcast was to have the opportunity to talk to athletes that are changing the way that future generations will see waves through our sport and I believe that when we look back Mo Freitas will be at the top of that list of Athletes. Pat Rawson, the legendary shaper who was on our first episode, compared Mo to Tom Curren and used the word Icon when describing him.

If you watch his videos, which he produces and edits himself, you understand what I’m talking about. From gracefully shredding small right point breaks to surfing pipe, Mo surfs incredible. And that is what this podcast and our idea here is all about. Surfing. It’s surfing first, I just believe that Paddle Surfing 80% of the time is the best way to enter the lineup.

The paddle shouldn’t take away from surfing, it should enhance it. Mo is one of the guys showing the rest of us what is going to be the norm in 5 or ten years. He is a window in the future, and today on the podcast we get to know where he came from and where he sees the sport going.

And after talking to Mo extensively doing the show, I can tell you that the sport is in good hands.

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Erik Antonson is the host of the PaddleWoo podcast, and an owner of BlueZoneSUP paddle surf camps. He is passionate about paddle enhanced surfing and practices daily in Costa Rica. “Paddle Enhanced Surfing is the future of surf, folks just don’t know it yet…”