Colin McPhillips Is Back on PaddleWoo With Exciting News!


Colin McPhillips is back on PaddleWoo Podcast for an exciting announcement and a technical discussion

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This week on the PaddleWoo Podcast, we have our first return guest, Colin McPhillips.

Colin’s first episode resonated with listeners – I received a number of emails requesting we have him back for a second conversation that would dive into some of the more technical aspects of SUP surfing. Definitely tune in if you’re looking for advice from one of the sport’s great legends.

Additional topics of conversation include:

• Favorite paddle enhanced surf videos

• How to reach bigger surf

• SUP vernacular

I would like to touch on that last point a little bit here today

SUP surfing needs its own vernacular. It needs a vocabulary for maneuvers so we can accurately discuss progression. I’m not sure how to do it, and in this episode we have some pretty bad ideas, but the discussion needs to happen regardless.

Currently, we use surf terminology to define maneuvers. And while this gets us close, in most cases it is based on the track the board takes, not how it gets there. For SUP surfing, there is the path of the board as well as the position and function of the paddle.

Here’s an example. Shortboard surfing has a roundhouse cutback. Pretty standard. For SUP, there are two distinct ways to do a roundhouse: pulling with the paddle from the outside of the board’s arc, and pivoting/anchoring the paddle on the inside of the board’s arc. The board path is very similar, but the mechanics and feel are completely different.

How do we define these differences? Do we need to? Colin and I come up with some silly ideas, but I hope our conversation inspires a broader one about the need for SUP surfing to use language that better illustrates the action and intricacies of the sport.

And, last but not least: we have a very special announcement to make. What could it be? Tune in and find out.


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Erik Antonson is the host of the PaddleWoo podcast, and an owner of BlueZoneSUP paddle surf camps. He is passionate about paddle enhanced surfing and practices daily in Costa Rica. “Paddle Enhanced Surfing is the future of surf, folks just don’t know it yet…”