Dr. Eric Goodman shares 3 tips to make you a better paddler

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This week on the PaddleWoo we have the creator of Foundation Training, Dr. Eric Goodman.  Foundation Training is practiced by the high caliber athletes such as Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Lakey Peterson, Derek Fisher, and even Dr. Mercola.  Foundation Training teaches proper body movement and strengthens the posterior chain, both important to Standup Paddlers.

Here are three things I learned doing the show:

  1. Most paddlers are paddling wrong.  The common mistake is using too much ab, chest and arm strength and not enough of the posterior chain.  He explains proper technique.
  2. The 1 best exercise we can do to stay injury free.  (Prone Decompression)
  3. Why Eric considers Laird Hamilton the best athlete he has trained with, and what he learned training with Laird.

Enjoy the show…