Sean Poynter talks SUP in the Olympics and crazy training

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There are many paths to success. For Sean Poynter, that path is hard work, smart training, and unwavering focus.

It’s refreshing to talk to someone who has a sole purpose, and who knows exactly what he wants to do today, tomorrow, and in 2020.

After talking to Sean for an hour on the podcast, I believe that he has what it takes to achieve his goals. He has put in the time as a semi-pro surfer, a pioneer in SUP surfing, and now in the way he trains for his sport.

What Sean opened my eyes to is the element of physicality in contest surfing for SUP. His estimation is that a 20-minute heat equals 1.5 hours of free surfing. I agree – if you already have the surfing skills, at the end of the day the difference between winning and losing comes down to endurance.

Sean is making sure that’s never an issue for him by focusing on training. He runs and paddles for hours each day, far more time than he spends surfing. If you watch his videos, you can see why – he has the surfing part down. The only thing that stands between him and more contest wins is stamina, and I doubt that is going to be an issue.

Sean’s passion and focus is easy to hear on the podcast below. I hope you walk away with as many valuable lessons as I did.

Listen to the Sean Poynter podcast:

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