Justin Holland talks Power Surfing, Lineup Tactics, Jaws, Snapper and new boards on the way…

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I sat down with Justin Holland for the paddlewoo.com podcast this week.

Justin is an Australian waterman, Waterman League SUP title contender, big-wave rider, and a happy family man.

Justin has a wealth of knowledge, given his extensive surf competition background in arguably the most competitive country for surf, and he proves forthright and open about his experiences. His abundant positive energy comes through in his surfing and stories, so by the end of the podcast you might wonder if it would be more fun to surf or grab a beer with Justin – I for one am looking forward to doing both at some point in the future.

Each week I learn an amazing amount from the guests on this show, people at the tip of the spear in our world of SUP. This week has been no different.

Listen and learn from one of the best in the sport!

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Erik Antonson is the host of the PaddleWoo podcast, and an owner of BlueZoneSUP paddle surf camps. He is passionate about paddle enhanced surfing and practices daily in Costa Rica. “Paddle Enhanced Surfing is the future of surf, folks just don’t know it yet…”